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See what players, teachers, students and parents think about Syrinx Musical Instruments in the testimonials below.

Leanne Walton

Band Director

Clarinet & Saxophone Teacher

Wollongong, NSW

“In sourcing instruments it has been challenging to find budget friendly, quality, durable instruments.”
“I have taught numerous students with Syrinx instruments. It is impressive that even after several years there have never been any problems. The instruments play well, sound good and are backed up by great service and warranty.”

Dr. Michael Dixon

French Horn Teacher & Performer

Sydney & Wollongong, NSW

“I've been impressed enough with Syrinx French horns to ask a school I work for to get 4 of the small wrap horns this year, which my students are now benefitting from.”
“I started two young people over two years ago on their small wrap single F horns, and now have a student with a larger build on a larger wrap F horn.”
“All the horns are robust, have a good tone, and good tuning.”

Tony & Zohra C.

“As soon as we played the first few bars we were sold on both the sound and the look and feel of the instrument.”
“It so great to play an instrument that is in tune from the start, and stays in tune, sounds great no matter what mouthpiece, reed or ligature being used.”

Louise H.

“The moment I saw it I loved it and wanted it. It slowly grew on me the more I played it. I've always been a tenor sax player but now I see myself as more of a soprano sax player.”
“I play in a band and have surpassed the level I was at when I stopped playing over 20 years ago.”

Anthony C.

“When I felt the saxophone, I could tell that it was very well made and at a price point that we could afford. We replaced my old Bundy with something that I would have loved to have as a kid starting out.”
When I felt the quality of the instrument I couldn't believe that it was available at that price point. I couldn't say no to such value.

Joash L.

When I tried the soprano I could feel that the mechanisms were good quality. The keys were smooth and didn't have any of the clunkiness of other instruments.
I can utilise the full range of the soprano now. I am in my first musical and can be confident that my instrument will do the job.

B. K.

SCL-302 Clarinet

Wollongong, NSW

“I bought the Syrinx SCL-302 and have found it to be an excellent, reliable clarinet. It has a lovely tone and is comfortable to play.
“It is a very good product which I would recommend to others wanting to buy a good quality clarinet.”

Peter W.

STR-303 Trumpet

Koonawarra, NSW

“The plating and the configuration of the slides along with a quality lubricant give the adjustable slides a positive feel. The valves are robust yet light to operate.”
“The instrument holds its own in a Big Band lineup without extra effort.”
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