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The oboe is a woodwind instrument with a unique but warm sound. This instrument is often featured in orchestral music and has a distinctive double-reed design that sets it apart from other instruments in the woodwind family.


Syrinx oboes offer a practical option for those interested in learning to play the oboe as they are constructed from durable yet lightweight ABS.

SBH-201 Student Oboe

The SHB-201 oboe is constructed using robust ABS resin. It is a lightweight yet sturdy instrument that offers an even scale, a pleasant sound, with all the keys required to cater for both beginners and more seasoned oboists.


The Syrinx SHB-201 is a semi-automatic oboe that delivers a rich and warm sound.


  • semi-automatic

  • modified Conservatoire system

  • vented low B flat key

  • ABS body

  • silver plated keys

  • Pisoni pads

  • carry case with nylon cover

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