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Syrinx & Education

Finding the right instruments to suit your budget and the needs of teachers and students can be a real challenge! Syrinx Musical Instruments offers what you have been looking for: quality instruments that play well, have great ergonomics, and are affordable.

We have crafted our instruments with the needs of teachers and band leaders in mind. Our team have spent years fostering and expanding band programs, so don't hesitate to contact us to learn how Syrinx can enhance your organisation's music programs.

We have built a dedicated education portal for teachers, band directors, and music education organisations. It contains our most up-to-date catalogues, education pricing, and more. To access the portal, please click below. A password is required and can be requested by clicking the request button below.

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At Nowra Anglican College, we run a stage 2 music program where every child receives an instrument to learn for 2 years. One of the biggest challenges we face is the cost of running such a large program and sourcing the instruments that we need. This meant that the cost price on instruments was extremely important to us.

Working with the Syrinx brand, we were able to purchase everything we needed, within our budget. This would not have been possible had we decided to use another instrument brand.

Another significant deciding factor was the ability to repair and replace parts on instruments where necessary. Being able to service the instruments and source parts was influential in us making the final decision to order.

Today, we have enough instruments for all students in stage 2 (almost 200) and the instruments we purchased 2 years ago are holding up well. They are easy to set up, play, maintain and repair whenever necessary.

As a result of the program, our ensembles have grown, as well as our peripatetic tutoring program at school. It has definitely been well worth the cost and effort to see so many students learning and mastering their chosen instrument.

Mr. John Dunstan, Classroom Music Teacher - Nowra Anglican College, NSW (March 2023)

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